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It’s been a busy season and I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with writing blogs. So here’s a catch up blog.

The Audio Department is having its busiest year ever. We’ve had the luxury of helping out a lot of stellar local bands by providing gear for the recording of their upcoming records. These bands include Whitsundays, Wet Secrets, Jay Sparrow, and The Provincial
Archive. Let’s hope next year is even crazier.

Busy times at different studios working on a variety of projects. I got to work on an African drumming group called Asante at Damon Renaissance Studio the other week. The session went quick with vocals, hand drums and percussion all-live off the floor. Even had one of the singers dancing in the room to provide energy for the performances. We’re currently in the mixing phase. Things should wrap up shortly. Also, completed a couple things at Sound Extractor. The first is an album for Chris Friesen and his family. We’ve been working on it for the past year. Sessions have been sporadic and these last couple months we’ve buckled down to get the last of the tracking down and mix. I believe Stew Kirkwood is mastering it as I write this. The second is a cool project with Ian and Laura of Instant Places. They’ve been trekking across the country for the past 3 months gathering photos and audio for an installation that is part of the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad. This was a cool project – I set up a bunch of mics on all the instruments and for over an hour they improvised and created their own soundscapes. They took the files and in a few weeks will set up a studio somewhere in BC to compile their ideas into an installation. Later this week I’m working with Splenderbog again. We’ve got some final tracking and will be rerecording a tune. Then it’s mix time.

At my Audio Department Mix & Master room, I’ve been working on a handful of Randor Lin produced stuff for Country artist Thea Neumann and Ponoka rock band, Neverfall. I’ve also been mixing my friend Darcy Golden’s untitled band (we’ll call them DRMCK). It’s been a busy November.

Early Xmas?

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Just picked up a used Manley Massive Passive for a great price. I was in need of a stereo EQ for mastering, since I’ve been doing so much of that lately. But I also wanted something I could use for vocal and bass duties. The MP is perfect for all of the above. Awesome!

In the studio with Jessica Heine

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Jessica Heine & her band were in the studio yesterday to track a couple quick tunes. We recorded a new version of the song “That’s All” from her Songteller Storywriter album and a new song called “Effie the Blues Singer Sings the Blues”. Her band for the session included Matt Grier (Drums), Keith Rempel (Bass) & Brennan Cameron (Keys). We tracked live off the floor with Jess playing guitar and singing along with the band. My favorite way to track! The session was at Sound Extractor and my good friend Scott Greene came to assist. I brought along a few of my favorite mics, a Martech preamp for vox and Avalon pre for bass. It was also my first session recording at 96KHz and I definitely notice the difference. The top end seems to be slightly more open and generally the details came out a bit more. The tracks sound great and it was a pleasure recording Jess again. I’ll try and post the tracks up here on the site once I finish the mixes.


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Back from NYC. Had a great time there. Scott Greene and Dave Hesse came along and we got to catch most of the major sites. Ate at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze at the London and Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles. Street vendor food was okay. I prefer the Fat Franks we have here in Edmonton. Got to check out a taping of Late night with Jimmy Fallon show, which was pretty funny. It’s always nice to see the Roots crew in action too. One of my highlights was the MoMA. It’s pretty inspiring seeing work by Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Mark Rothko and more. We were just in time for some special exhibits featuring Water Lillies by Monet and some amazing industrial design work by Ron Arad. On Friday Oct 9th, I went to Strawberry Fields across from the Dakota Apartments and celebrated John Lennon’s 69th Birthday with the locals. But the main reason for going, of course, was for work. For 4 days I attended the Audio Engineering Society 127th Annual Convention. It was pretty amazing and my favorite of all the conventions I’ve attended. I got to hear some of my recording heroes speak including Bob Power, Bassy Bob Brockman, Tony Maserati, Bruce Swedien, Greg Calbi, Tony Visconti and more. Even got to take a pic with the legend Rupert Neve! Caught a sneak peek at a ton of new gear coming up in the next little bit and saw some familiar faces. Next year the 128th AES convention is in London, UK. How cool is that!?

NYC Pics here


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RacksPutting together the racks for the Audio Department control room. It’s looking hot!

Recently finished some mixing for A.M.O.R.E., touched up a Columbus track on a record we finished a couple years ago (hoping for a release) and mixed an album for U22 artist Tanner Gordon with Stew Kirkwood producing.

I’m off to New York tomorrow. Got a few days to check out the town and then attending the AES convention next weekend. It’s gonna be a good one.

Amek CIB

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Amek CIBJust picked up this little badboy. It’s an Amek CIB (Channel In a Box) designed by Rupert Neve and part of the Purepath line. I believe it was derived from the 9098i console that Rupert Neve designed when he worked for Amek. The box contains a pre amp, really nice equalizer section and compressor. So far I’ve tried it out on a feel sources for mixing and it blew me away with what it could do for bass guitars. The pre amp is nice too and will replace the vintech for vocal duties. It’s just a bit more open sounding and makes the vocal stand up and out a little more. However it is much cleaner than my other pre amps, but in a good way. It will be coming with me on tracking dates. I love trying out new gear!

Projects Update

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The storm is settling after my Europe trip and now work is coming in like something fierce. I’ve just sat down to start a 64-hour workweek. Currently recording a record for U22 artist Tanner Gordon with Stew Kirkwood producing over at Sound Extractor. We’re in the last week of tracking and then next week I start the mix process. This week will be fun with miscellaneous overdubs and a string quartet! Been mastering some projects at my Audio Department home studio lately. Last week I finalized the new Greater Than Giants record that Randor Lin produced over at Turnkey and this week I’m working on a Thom Bennett recorded project. Over the next couple months I’ll be working on a new Audio Department mixing/mastering room. This room will house all the rental gear from the Audio Department rentals and act as my sonic playground. I have my friend Ellen Buchan helping with the acoustics again. Also want to mention that a punk record I recorded for over 2 years ago for The Mange is back from pressing and is available around town. Lots on the go and I better get at it, if I want to keep up.

40th Anniversary of Damon Productions

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Damon Invite

AES Edmonton Event Summary

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AES @ Damon The AES Edmonton event at Damon went well. There were many familiar faces and the turn out was fantastic! Jim Anderson gave some good insight on different techniques we could use in our recordings with some listening samples and detailed slide show. Damon Renaissance Studio’s renovations were freshly finished and looked great. Thanks to Jim Anderson – AES President for making the trek here from New York and Russ Lewis – AES Alberta Section Chair from Calgary for plugging Edmonton into the AES Alberta Section. Also thanks to Garry McDonall for letting us host the event at Damon and Ellen Buchan who helped organize. Thank-you to all who attended. Hopefully we will have another event soon. Cheers!

Here is a list of the tunes that were played.

El Camino Real – “The Brass Orchestra” – JJ Johnson (Verve)
It Only Happens Once – “High Noon” – Gary Smulyan (Reservoir Music)
The Road Less Travelled – Smitty Smith (Concord)
Für Elise – Cyrus Chestnut – “Charlie Brown Christmas” (Atlantic)
Regular Pleasures – “Verse” – Patricia Barber (Blue Note)
Backlash – “Hub Songs – The Music of Freddie Hubbard” – (Blue Note)
Here’s that Rainy Day – “Solo” – Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Blue Note)
You Are the Sunshine of My Life – Ella Fitzgerald “We All Love Ella” (Verve)

AES Edmonton Event

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Audio Engineering Society
Alberta Section
Creating Loudspeaker Illusions
Jim Anderson

7:30 PM Tuesday August 11, 2009
Damon/Soundtrek Studio
6916 – 82 Avenue – Edmonton

“Reality is Not a Recording/A Recording is Not Reality”
Any recording is a ‘fiction,’ a falsity, even in its most pure form. It is the responsibility of the recording engineer, and producer, to create a universe so compelling that the listener is unaware of any manipulation. Using basic recording techniques, and standard manipulation of audio, a recording is made, giving the listener an experience that is not merely logical but better than reality. How does this occur? What techniques can be applied? How does an engineer create a convincing loudspeaker illusion that a listener will perceive as a plausible reality? Recordings will be played.

Jim Anderson is an internationally recognized recording engineer and producer of acoustic music for the recording, radio, television, and film industries. He is the recipient of numerous awards and nominations in the recording industry, including nine Grammy awards and 25 Grammy nominations; his radio recordings have received two Peabody Awards.

A graduate of the Duquesne University, Jim has studied audio engineering at Eastman and at Sender Freies Berlin. At National Public Radio during the 1970s, he engineered and produced many award-winning classical, jazz, documentary, and news programs. Since 1980 Jim has had a career as an independent audio engineer and producer in New York City. He is a professor of recorded music at NYU, and a frequent lecturer at leading institutes, including the Berklee College of Music, The New England Institute of Art, McGill University, and The Banff Centre. Jim is President of the Audio Engineering Society, 2008-2009.

Admission is free. Everyone is welcome.

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